Without the help of fundraisers like you, UNRWA's Community Mental Health Programme would not be possible.

You don’t need special skills to be a rockstar fundraiser. With a few tips and a cause you're passionate about, you’ll be surprised how many people will want to support you. You just have to ask!

Tips for Getting Started:

  • Personalize your fundraising page. Add your photo, your story, even a selfie-style video sharing why you care about the Gaza 5K, refugees, Palestine, and/or mental health.

  • Download our participant fundraising guide. If you started your own team, email us for our team captain guide.

  • Donate to yourself to get the party started! 

  • Ask three (3) family members, friends, and colleagues to sponsor you for $20 each. That's an easy $60 right there!

  •  Share your fundraising pages on social media using #Gaza5K.

Need more incentiveS TO FUNDRAISE?

Fundraising is the key to our efforts and impact. Check out the perks we offer to encourage you to be at the top of your fundraising game. Remember, even more important than these [awesome] perks is the cause. We know you'll come through for the Palestine refugee kids of Gaza!

Please note that Gaza 5K registration fees do not count towards your individual or team fundraising totals.

$50+ fundraising perk

official gaza 5k t-shirt

Raise $50+ (beyond the cost of registration) for an official 2018 Gaza 5K t-shirt!

$500+ fundraising perk

hirbawi keffiyeh

Raise $500+ (beyond the cost of registration) for a beautiful, classic keffiyeh from the Hirbawi Textile Factory, the last remaining keffiyeh factory in Palestine. They come complete with a “made in Palestine” tag!

$1,000+ fundraising perk

planted olive tree in palestine

Raise $1,000+ (beyond the cost of registration) for your very own piece of Palestine! We'll plant an olive tree in your honor in a refugee camp or near an UNRWA facility in the West Bank.